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IBR Calcium Reactor with internal bypass


IBR calcium reactors offer quality, innovative design and affordability providing an excellent proposition for any marine aquarist.

The IBR Series offers a self-contained solution for supplying the reactor with aquarium water, and a valve for adjusting the amount of effluent.

The IBR Calcium Reactors are made from high quality acrylic and are powered by high quality German AquaBee pumps.

The reactor lid features space to mount a pH electrode.

All products feature a two-year full warranty. Made in Poland, Europe.

Available models:
IBR-150 – Φ150mm, total height 56cm. Media capacity: 7.0 liters. Foot print: 290x280mm.Pump power: 10W. For aquariums up to 800 liters.
IBR-200 – Φ200mm, total height 56cm. Media capacity: 12.5 liters. Foot print: 320x340mm.Pump power: 10W. For aquariums up to 1200 liters.
IBR-250 – Φ250mm, total height 56cm. Media capacity: 19.0 liters. Foot print: 380x380mm. Pump power: 10W. For aquariums up to 2000 liters.

All IBR models could be used inside and outside sump.

Instruction manual for all IBR models – Download


IBR-150, IBR-200, IBR-250


UK power supply/plug, EU power supply/plug, USA power supply / plug, Australia power supply/plug


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