KH Lab Set for Kore 7th Doser


This product is for users who want to add KH Lab for their existing Kore 7th setup (Starter, Pro and Ultimate versions).
Includes all parts of KH Lab system needed for measure and control the KH levels in tank (excluding Kore 7th doser).

Set includes :

  • KH testing chamber
  • Elecronic scale, holder and cup for pumps calibration
  • 10m of silicone connecting tubing
  • pH 4 and pH 7 calibration fluids
  • Precise pH probe
  • 1l of concentrated reagent (diluted with RO water gives 5l of reagent – about 500 tests*)
  • Connecting cable

*Depends on KH in tank – higher KH will need more reagent during test

Weight 3 kg