Reservoir / Dosing Tank ATO


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Our ATO reservoir / dosing tank is perfectly fabricated for the tight spaces inside your cabinet.

ATO reservoir / dosing tank has viewable front window for liquid level check. It’s made with from white cast acrylic and are easy to use because it has hinged flip top lid.

4mm hole on top to run pump plugs(DC refill pump). Additional 3/5mm hose connection allows to connect dosing pump.

We can prepare custom size models free of charge as well as we can engrave for you any inscription like “Calcium”, “Magnesium” etc.

Simply put the right information in the comment on the order and we will do it for you for free.

Acrylic color :

white/black with transparent front

*Product may be a subject to change in design

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions N/A

ATO v0 – 1,5l capacity – 10x10x25cm, ATO v1 – 3 liters capacity – 10x18x30cm, ATO v2- 6 liters capacity – 10x30x30cm, ATO v3 – 12 liters capacity – 10x40x40cm, ATO v4 – 15 liters capacity – 10x40x50cm, ATO v5 – 19 liters capacity – 12x40x50cm, ATO v6 – 25 liters capacity – 12x50x50cm, ATO v7 – 30 liters capacity – 12x55x55cm, ATO v8 – 36 liters capacity – 12x60x60cm, ATO v9 – 40 liters capacity – 13x60x60cm


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