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Skimmer – AirMaster

Best performance, best quality materials, eco power consumption, easy to maintan – all this in one device – Pacific Sun AirMaster.

What make Pacific Sun AirMaster best protein skimmer for your aquarium?

– Highest possible performance to power consumption ratio:

1. AirMaster PS-AiR150 10W and 1000l/h flow air intake 400l/h for tanks up to 500-600l
2. AirMaster PS-AiR200 22W and 2000l/h flow air intake 450l/h for tanks up to 1200l
3. AirMaster PS-AiR250 44W and 4000l/h flow air intake 900l/h for tanks up to 1600l – Available soon.

– German quality, reliable Aquabee skimmer pumps.

– Best quality cast acrylic materials, simple and good looking desing – 100% Made in EU.

– Easy to maintain – no screws or hard to reasembly skimmer cup mounting, very easy to clean. Each part of AirMaster can be disassembled and cleaned separate.

– Almost no hearable air intake silencer with air flow regulation and possibility to disassembly for cleaning.

– Water level and flow control with easy to use knob with scale – simple twist knob to set correct water level in skimmer.

– Air bubbles difusion chamber – make best possible air/water mixing ratio and very stable foam production for best skimming to remove proteins from aquarium.

– (optional) Additional cup overflow protection system – using optical sensor to stop pump in case of full cup.Each of our products are tested in our own reef tanks, made to provide best possible quality and performance for reasonable price.

If you are looking for best protein skimmer for your aquarium, you can be sure that AirMaster is that what you are looking for.
Available in three sizes:
– PS-AiR150,  260x190x580mm,  100-240V
– PS-Air200, 320x240x550mm,  100-240V
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PS-AiR-250, PS-AiR150, PS-Air200


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