LED Lamp – Triton R2+ 145W Modular


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9 channel, wireless control LED lamp

This product is our bestselling and most popular modular lamp, which was created after nearly 3 years of experience in manufacturing of the LED lamps for aquarium industry.


LED Lamp – Triton R2+ 145W Modular

Triton R2 offers unprecedented opportunities for controlling light (power, color, PAR), the remote management the lamp and an attractive price. LED panels use the latest and most powerful Cree LED’s (Cool White and Neutral White in separate channels) and XT-E (Royal Blue 450nm and 465nm).

This is the first lamp on the market that offers the ability to control up to 9 channels of LEDs independently – which gives unparalleled opportunities to shape characteristics of the light spectrum.
Triton lamp has been designed as a pendant lamp for open aquariums. It must not be used in enclosed aquariums below the canopy.

Size/power and coverage area:

Models with 145W LED panels:

  • Triton R2+ 145W Master – cover area up to 85x70cm for each unit(builtin wireless computer, can control up to 99 Slave units)
  • Triton R2+ 145W Slave – cover area up to 85x70cm for each unit

9-channel control of color and intensity, 14-channel capable. Available in colors: pearlwhite/anthracitLED panels

LED Lamp The Triton R2+ panel includes the following LED colors:

  • Cree Neutral White
  • Cree Cool white
  • UV (400 and 420nm) – Made for Pacific Sun
  • Royal Blue 450nm – Cree
  • Royal Blue 465nm – Cree
  • Blue 475nm – Cree
  • Green 530nm- Cree
  • Orange 610nm – Cree
  • Red 630nm – Cree

General Specifications:

  • Size: 380x190x60mm
  • 9 independent LED channels
  • LED panels – maximum power(electronic + led panels) – 150W
  • Light coverage: see charts below
  • Built-in light controller that can be accessed wirelessly via bluetooth. The fixture also includes a backlit blue LCD Display. Users can simulate sunrise / sunset, clouds, weather special programs, etc.
  • Supported software: Win 7/Xp/8, Mac OS X
  • External control (PWM or 1-10V signal) – on request(regular model – not include active port)
  • “Ultra Quiet” 120mm fans controlled by a temperature sensor.
  • Mounting: Hanging kits

Light coverage for Triton R2/R2+ (different configurations)

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Triton R2+ Master, Triton R2+ Slave


Antrazit, Pearl White


UK power supply/plug, EU power supply/plug, USA power supply / plug, Australia power supply/plug


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To check which software is proper for your lamp – turn off the lamp power, wait a few seconds – then plug it in again, looking at the LCD screen – after a few seconds, you will see on the screen the firmware version information contained in the flash memory of the processor.It is extremely important – because with this information, you will know what version of firmware is right for you. Uploading incorrect firmware version may damage your lamp (and will cost you a trip to the repair service).
In case of improper operation by the PC software (breaking the connection, no connection, etc) – just follow these steps:

  1. uninstall the controlling software
  2. Remove the lamp from the authorized BT devices (via the control panel / bluetooth manager)
  3. Restart your computer
  4. install the application (the latest downloaded from this site – or a lamp attached to the CD)
  5. search for a lamp – and reconfigure the BT connection – remember to use code 1234 to paired flash

If errors persist – please contact us with the name / model of lights – and information about your BlueTooth interface and operating system installed on your computer.