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Phytoplankton Reactor PR series


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Plankton Light Reactor (phytoplankton reactor)

Micro-algae cultivation unit. The Phytoplankton reactor is a simple system for producing plankton in a natural food chain. The products of the reaction are light, fertilizer, CO2 and the micro-algae itself . The micro-algae can be fed directly to many filter-feeding invertebrates, and especially to zooplankton. The growth rate of the micro-algae in the plankton light reactor is enormous. If the supply of light, CO2 and nutrients is continuous, the biomass of the algae will be 4 times the original size within 24 hours. Both fresh- and saltwater species of micr-algae can be cultivated.

Phytoplankton reactor lid includes three inputs which can be used as :

  • Air supply – generate natural movement of water inside reactor
  • CO2(carbon dioxide)  input – natural “fertilizer” for phytoplankton
  • Phytoplankton liquid output – connected to dosing station can feed your aquarium with plankton every day/night
  • Fresh/saltwater input – for refilling reactor column with new water

The reactor cap has a vent allowing the reactor to “breathe”. The lower part of the reactor is equipped with a specially profiled cone to facilitate the collection of ready (mature) liquid as well as the removal of dead algae from the reactor chamber.

Reactors available are in three different versions:

  • PR 70/110 – small size  reactor – perfect for home use. Capacity: 5 Liters. Size: 160x190x750mm. 
  • PR 70/150 – medium size reactor – ideal for shops/small farms. Capacity: 9.5 Liters. Size: 200x220x750mm
  • PR 70/200 – large size reactor – designed for breeding farms and shops which want to sell phytoplankton to their Customers. Capacity: 17 Liters. Size: 250x280x750mm

Reactor allows you to acquire about 30% volume per day.

Movie with working reactor: Phytoplankton reactor

The reactor uses a special kind of light to grow algae, set not include an aeration pump, we recommend a small pump with a capacity of 50-100l / min.

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Phytoplankton reactor PR 70/110 – 5 liters capacity, Phytoplankton reactor PR 70/150 – 9.5 liters capacity, Phytoplankton reactor PR 70/200 – 19.5 liters capacity


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