Multi Reactor



Multi Reactor

Outstanding built quality, made from cast acrylic sheets and pipes. Smooth edges cutted by lasers, engraved top covers. Easy/quick openning, foam for very small media(like resin).
Perfect for: carbon, GFO, pellets, resin and all other media(like Siporax, sponge, nitrate removerts etc)
Free movable plates with sponges inside reactor allow to use 3 different media in one reactor.

100% made in Poland, EU.

Available in two models/sizes:

MR 11040
Capacity: 3.5L
Size: 130x130x480mm
Connection hoses: 20mm

MR 15040
Capacity: 7L
Size: 190x190x550mm
Connection hoses: 20mm


*Products can looks little different than on photos when upgrades in design will be done.

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