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Sentry ATO with DC pump- intelligent water refill system


Intelligent ATO system – with very sensitive Optical sensor and DC pump included.

Sentry allow to set sound alarms for:
– empty refill container issue
– too high water level in sump

Sentry ATO not allow for overflowing when optical sensor is damaged, disconnected or not properly adjusted. After few refill attempts without successful water level reading by optical sensor – DC pump/solenoid valve is switched off and alarm is on. Using “intelligent” CPU allow for using only one but very precise optical sensor instead of pair – optical and floating.

Each set include:

– Sentry main unit
– optical water level sensor with adjustable holder
– DC pump/Solenoid Valve
– acrylic tubing holder
– power supply(EU/USA/UK/AUS plug)
– manual

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Weight1 kg

Sentry – DC pump version, Sentry – Solenoid Valve version


UK power supply/plug, EU power supply/plug, USA power supply / plug, Australia power supply/plug


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