Althea T5


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A totally new T5 fixture with ultra-efficient cooling and Wi-Fi on-board. The Althea will guarantee your chosen tubes will work at 100% efficiency and even tell you when they need replacing!

Ultra efficient cooling via the inbuilt 120mm low speed fans keep the ballasts and tubes working at optimal performance.

Silicone spacers are utilised on the fans to eliminate vibration and aid super quiet operation.

The Althea features high quality Alanod anodized (silver coated) aluminum reflectors 98% light reflection

delivering maximum PAR output, satisfying the most demanding reef keeper!

First wireless(Wi-Fi) T5 fixture on the market.

Weight: N/A

Model: Althea 6x24W T5 – 360x600mm, Althea 6x39W T5 – 360x900mm, Althea 6x54W T5 – 360x1200mm, Althea 6x80W T5 – 360x1500mm, Althea 8x24W T5 – 460x600mm, Althea 8x39W T5 – 460x900mm, Althea 8x54W T5 – 460x1200mm, Althea 8x80W T5 – 460x1500mm

Hanging kit mounting set INCLUDED.

Colour: Anthracite, Pearl White

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